Feminist? Are You Sure?

How many more ludicrous articles and Facebook rants claiming to be in the name of “feminism” am I going to have to be subjected to before my head explodes?

The road is long it seems.

Beyonce’s album drops, the world is shocked into a frenzy.  In her album, she calls herself a feminist.  Cool.

Next day is a long one.  Just get home from yet another awful day at work only to be bombarded on Facebook with multiple links to a terrible article (not even worth spreading) that points out ten female celebrities who choose not to identify with the term feminist.  Rather, they choose to identify as humanists, and therefore are suddenly “unfortunate” and “irrational”.

It is a sad day for us all when instead of championing the causes of feminism, someone thinks it’s a good use of time to shame women who believe something different.

Feminism has always been about advocating for the equality of rights between men and women yes, but more than that it is about supporting and defending the rights and equality of women as humans.  It is about our right to choose.  Choose our job, choose who we love, choose where we live, choose what we believe.

So the next time somebody goes around slamming other women and tries to shame me for thinking a certain way, I’m going to ask you to sit down, close your mouth, and think about what you’re saying before you go ahead and do something like set feminism back about a hundred years.

And most importantly, don’t you dare drag Queen Bey into your vicious web of delusions.

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