Buffet Is Where The Heart Is (Uncle Willy’s)


Whoever says the idea of a buffet doesn’t fill them with a sense of fun and excitement is a Liar.  And that’s what Uncle Willy’s is.

Is the food delicious?  Of course not.  But who goes to Uncle Willy’s expecting delicious food?

Here’s what you can expect from Uncle Willy’s though:

1.) The spirit of adventure

2.) The thrill of walking into the unknown (Will I live after eating this?  Who knows, keep eating)

3.) That wonderful feeling of nostalgia and magic

4.) A semi decent selection of all you can eat (subpar) food and drink followed by a selection of diabetic desserts.

5.) A pretty decent variety of sauces if i do say so myself (I do)

Stuck at Metrotown in Burnaby with BoyToy hoping to start and finish our Christmas shopping, we realize we need to eat lunch.

“Uncle Willy’s, we need to eat at Uncle Willy’s.” I tell BoyToy.

“Is that place even still around?”

Silly boy.  Uncle Willy’s is only a historical institution and testament to all childhood things that are great in the world.  The day Uncle Willy’s meets its demise is a sad sad day for us all.

For all the Uncle Willy’s virgins out there, let me break it down for you.

ImageUpon entering the restaurant, you walk down the long hallway to the cashier where you pay for your meal before gaining admittance into the holy land.  You survey the restaurant and pick a table, making sure to leave your receipt face up to indicate you’re not finished dining.

By the window is obviously where it’s at.

Now it’s time to hit the buffet.

You have your soups and salads with fixins’: coleslaw, green salad, potato salad, macaroni salad, veggies and most importantly – simulated bacon bits.


Then we transition into our warm food: mashed potatoes corn, french fries, perogies, and cabbage rolls.

Move farther along the line (use your elbows if you have to) and now we’re talking.

Meat.  The only thing you have to worry about here though is the fried chicken. And this is not a joke.  When they bring out that steaming pile of fresh fried chicken, you need to be ready to push some people out of the way (even if they’re old) because believe me, the crowds will flock.


Sure, the rest of the food is mushy and bland but does it really matter when their fried chicken is juicy and well seasoned.  Ask BoyToy who ate four pieces.  (“Gotta get your money’s worth!”)

After you’ve eaten you’re five plates full, it’s time to get your fill of diabetic sweets and soft serve ice cream with mushy fruit sauce and rice pudding.  (This is really no good.)

And the big question:  Would I return? Uhhh, do birds fly?

Yes, yes a million times yes I would return.  Uncle Willy’s is like that favourite uncle ready to give you a big hug after a horrible day where the food is 95% terrible (which is really only a minor detail in the grand scheme of things).

Uncle Willy's Buffet on Urbanspoon

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