Yes, I Drink Beer for Breakfast. (The Butcher and Bullock)


I regret nothing.

Okay, maybe I regret ordering the omelette of the day before actually knowing what the omelette of the day was and it would have been nice if the server had known what any of the drink and food specials were but that’s life sometimes right?

And sometimes, maybe it’s not about the food.  It’s just about the beer.  And the friends.  And the holidays.  But especially the beer.

This Sunday morning, BoyToy’s friends were making the trek all the way from Surrey to Vancouver for a day of drinking, and in Vancouver, 85% of the time, that means you’re likely to end up in a Donnelly Group establishment.  This time, it was the Butcher and Bullock.

The last time I had been here, it was under a different name, Smiley’s.  Entering the pub this morning though, it definitely seemed a bit cozier with a log fire burning in the back.  Even better, there were already several small groups of drunk sports fans huddled around the television screens, cheering and singing in jerseys and flannel shirts.

I mean, if flannel, fires, and fans don’t scream cozy bar where everyone knows your name then I don’t know what does.

The food – forgettable.  So forgettable in fact, that our server, as friendly as she was, seemed to forget all of it as well.  With not much else appealing to me, I settled on the omelette of the day figuring, “HOW BAD CAN IT BE?  Eggs, cheese, meat? I like all of those things.”


The omelette of the day turned out to be spinach, tomatoes, and goat cheese, which admittedly, are not terrible ingredients.  Just slightly disappointing.  WHERE’S THE BEEF?  (and by beef, I obviously mean bacon or ham or sausage). I think the best part of that dish might have been the toast I smothered in raspberry jam.  (To be fair though, I do have an irrational obsession with buttered toast.  That and Beyonce.)

I ate it of course.  What kind of Chu would I be if I left food on my plate??

BoyToy and his friend both ordered the Farmer’s Hash and when I demanded to know what they thought of it, I was greeted with their enthused responses of, “meh.”

Prices are average with my omelette at $12 and the hash at $14.


Most noteworthy experiences from today’s breakfast. THE BOOZE.  Kronenbourg Blanc’s before noon?  Duh.

SOMERSBY CIDER in the morning?  I DO.

My first experience with Somersby can only be described as GLORIOUS.  That magic juice goes down like CANDY.  Talk about refreshing.

Question of the Day though, Would I return to The Butcher and Bullock?

Never say never.  But in a city like Vancouver where the options for delicious food and beer are plentiful, let’s just say I won’t be rushing back any time soon.

The Butcher & Bullock on Urbanspoon

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