Oodles of Noodles! (Dinesty Chinese Restaurant)


Saturday afternoon.  Downtown Vancouver.  Lunch time. The options are limitless.

What do we do, where do we go, how do we decide?  Well, it’s 1 pm, I need food and I need it fast.  That settles it then.  To Dinesty Chinese Restaurant we go!

After a speedy hangry walk in the rain, we pull open the doors of the restaurant to enter a steamy warm cavern where the smell of steamed pork mingled with pungent vinegar tickles my nostrils.  All at once, it’s like I’ve been wrapped up in a big warm asian hug where overbearing but well-intentioned asian mom barks, “How many?!” at you.

“Two, please.”

We sit down and open our menus. “We have to do this properly today, no mistakes.  Not like last time…”

BoyToy looks back at me gravely, “You’re right, no room for mistakes today.”

We stare at the menu hopelessly.


“Well,” I stammer, “it says dumpling house on the front so I guess we should start with some of those…”

Ten minutes later, it’s starting to get a bit ridiculous.

“Oh jeez, let’s just ask the lady what we should order!”

Xiaolongbao (that’s cool speak for soup dumpling), noodles in a home made meat sauce, and shredded pork with hoisin sauce and pancakes are the winners today.

The noodles arrive first and after BoyToy mixes and scoops it into bowls, there is only silence for the next several minutes as we inhale our food.

“We done good this time huh?!” I almost yell through a mouth full of noodles. “Sho CHEWY, need hoisin!!” I say, cucumber practically flying out of my mouth towards his face.

Pieces of meat, tofu, and cucumber are scattered throughout the dish and actually work to make it pretty refreshing despite the fact that it’s a bowl full of gluten (GOOP would be proud).  Good amount of sauce in the dish, though after taking my last few bites, I realize it’s maybe a bit too salty.

Then come the dumplings.

“Watch out, these are filled with soup,” I warn BoyToy before I take a bite.   Naturally, half of the hot soup squirts from my mouth, landing on the table, while the other half scalds my tongue causing me to shriek.

Massive eye roll from BoyToy.

Chewy skin surrounding chunks of juicy meat??  SIGN ME UP.  (Seriously, I’ll take twenty more.)

Finally, our shredded pork with pancakes arrives and I grab one of those babies and furiously scoop meat into my wrapper before dumping copious amounts of extra hoisin sauce on top.  You can never have too much sauce I ALWAYS SAY.

You know it’s always a solid Saturday lunch when you roll out of the restaurant feeling like a round greasy ball of happiness.  Being located in Downtown Vancouver, the options for delicious Chinese food are pretty limited but Dinesty Chinese Restaurant has proven to be a strong contender for authentic asian grub.

Decent prices too. Three dishes for two people WITH leftovers came to just a bit over $28. Not a steal but that’s the price you pay for dining on Vancouver’s busiest street I suppose!

Would I return?  Well let’s see.


Chewy noodles – CHECK.

Tasty steaming hot soup dumplings – CHECK.


Servers yelling over each other in rapid mandarin, old man to my left who smells like moth balls rudely demanding more tea from overbearing lady, couple to my right bickering about the Christmas shopping they have to get done, girls all over the restaurant taking photos of their food – CHECK CHECK CHECK CHECK.

Ahhhhh.  I. Am. Home.

Dinesty Chinese Restaurant 聚 (on Robson) on Urbanspoon

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