You can just call me Lonely Crying Girl

You know that lonely girl you always see at the local Starbucks sobbing into her cup of coffee during her work break?  WELL that was ME today.  Boy was I a pretty sight.  

You know at least I wasn’t vomitting in between my tears right?? (…not like last time…)

Oh and then guess who goes back to work to find out that she’s been wearing her dress the wrong way the entire day?  THIS GUY.  It’s obviously been a really great week for me.  (But hey!  At least I didn’t vomit!)

Since I started back at my job last week, I have been on the verge of tears this entire week AND I haven’t been able to sleep at night even though I am SO FREAKING TIRED.  

And each night as I’m lying in bed TRYING to fall asleep, what do I feel? Only what must be the entire weight of Satan sitting on my chest.  (Okay so this is obviously a gross exaggeration but holy balls have I been feeling like a bag of trash).

So what’s eating me?  I think it’s the fact that five years later, I’m back at the same job I started at five years ago (that I don’t even like in the first place).   BUT THIS TIME, I’m back at the very bottom of the food chain.  AND NOBODY KNOWS MY NAME.  wompwompwomp.

One day at a time though!  And I made it through this day.  I think we all know what that means.  It means I deserve to stuff my face with big fat balls of sushi AMIRIGHT?!  

(….that’s really what I proceeded to do.  I et all of this.  get in my belllllyyy)Image



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