Crazy Craft Lady

It’s begun.  I’m obsessed.  I can’t stop.

Craft Craft Craft – that’s all I want to do.   I had my first day back at work and what did I think about all day? CRAFTING MY PUNKIN PATCH.  (It’s about PRIORITIES people.)

And once I finish with my punkin patch and spiders, I’m moving on to CROCHET.

You might think crochet is only for people 60+, but you would be WRONG.

Let me tell you, that night I spent alone crocheting a scarf to Leona Lewis and an entire bottle of wine has got to be in my Top 5 List of Best Nights Ever at least.  (“I just want to be haaaaaappppppyyyyyyyy”).

Do I worry that I’m going to end up that lonely lady with no friends BUT fifteen cats and eighty scarves?  Only every day, but who am I to stand in the way of my PASSIONS right?  And who am I to deny true artistic talent??

What if Leonardo da Vinci just turned away from painting the Mona Lisa??  Where would we all be then??

(Wait, what do you mean it looks like a five year old made these??!)

So, maybe I did spend all weekend youtubing crafting videos and pinning DIY Halloween decorations to my crafting board.  What of it??  I’m still cool.

Yeah, that’s probably a bit of a stretch, but I’ll tell you what IS cool.  THE DOLLAR (twenty-five) STORE.  That place is amazing!

A package of squiggly eyes for A DOLLAR (twenty-five)??  A pair of squiggly blade scissors for A DOLLAR (twenty-five)??  A whole pad of construction paper for A DOLLAR (twenty-five)??  COME ON WHATTA STEAL.

The dollar (twenty-five) store is definitely where it is at.

And anyways, who needs people and friends when you have punkins and scarves??




….Ya, I had better stop with the crafting.


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