Funemployment, I’ll Miss You

Looks like my funemployment is about to end.  How do I feel about that?

Con: I’ll have to work.

Pro: I’ll have money.  For booze.  (and food and rent also I spose)

At least this time, my job will be about five blocks away from my home.  And I’ll get to work with my best friend again.  (REUNITED….AND IT FEELS SOOOO GOOOOOD.)

I was hoping to stay funemployed for a bit longer and go on another trip, but apparently you need money to live.  Who woulda thunk?

And apparently, I’m not one of those “free spirits” who can run through their entire savings account travelling the world with the wind in their hair and sand under their toes.  (I’m also not free-spirited enough to walk barefoot in public washrooms, which is a thing people ACTUALLY do.)

Truth be told, I might have been starting to go a wee bit crazy.  Apparently lying around all day in your pajamas staring sadly at a blank television is not healthy behaviour?

Well, at least starting this Monday, I’ll have real people to talk to now….

(Wait, does this mean I won’t be able to sit at home on the couch watching an entire season of Once Upon a Time in my sweats inhaling nutella pretzels  anymore??!)Image

Check out these babies, poopie pretzels!

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