Portland, I’m Sorry.

I tried, I really REALLY tried to like you.  But you made it so HARD.   

Well, no, I suppose that isn’t entirely true.  You did have those donuts that you only had to wait in line 45 minutes for (“To voodoo or not to voodoo?? VOODOOOOO!!)

 And there were all those friendly people in the streets who would come up to us and ask us for money, clothes, donuts, etc.  

 There was also that really sweet girl who stopped me in the street to tell me my shirt was cute and that she liked it.  So what if she was only wearing a bra at the time? 

 And then there were all those food carts everywhere.  Sure, they were all closed and we couldn’t eat at any of them but minor detail I suppose.

 BUT TAX FREE THOUGH.  Can you beat that?  What you see on the price tag, IS WHAT YOU PAY.  Sorcery!  And it’s only a 12 hour drive there and back so that I can save a few dollars, so I mean, WHY NOT??

 The beer culture though.  I can’t say anything about that.  You keep doing what you’re doing there.  Actually no wait, more beer!  You can never go wrong with more beer.  (unless you’re driving. in that case, no beer.)

 You know, I’m sure there are some really neatO places in Portland, maybe I just wasn’t there long enough to find them.  or maybe I just wasn’t drunk enough.  ya, it’s probably gotta be one of those two reasons.  

 Anyways, it’s been….nice, Portland.  Off to San Francisco now!





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