On the road again…

Holy ballz!  

 “Let’s go on a road trip!” they said.  “Let’s go to Disneyland!” they said. “It’ll be fun!” they said.

 Three days, five packets of road jerky, eight hours of sweat (tears and blood), 15 hours of looped radio play, and ten thousand gummy bears later, we’ve made it to California!

 I mean, sure we could have taken an airplane, but then we’d miss all the Sizzler’s along the way.  What’s life without a Sizzler??

 I don’t understand why more people who aren’t 60+ don’t eat at the Sizzler.  Steak, baked potato, and ALL YOU CAN EAT SALAD BAR for under 15 dollars?? WHATTA STEAL.

 Enough about the Sizzler though, let’s talk about the korean food.

 I’ve been on a bizarre korean food frenzy lately, which means I am ALWAYS down for some kimchi tofu hot pot, bulgogi, and SHORTRIBS.  GET IN MY BELLY.

After making it to San Francisco and staying near the airport for the night (which means we saw none of San Francisco), we were ON THE ROAD AGAIN.  And by this point, all I want is a big fat bowl of BULGOGI.

PERFECT.  Because we’re in California.  They have Koreatown.  This is gonna be great.


LA sure has some dericious Korean food.  Anaheim – NOT SO MUCH.

We end up at a buffet style place that the hotel recommended where all the food and raw meat has been lying out for who knows how many hours.  

Because the lady at the front practically ambushes me and yells, “HOW MANY?!”, I don’t even have time to think and answer, “for two,” in a panic.  

It’s like 9 pm at this point.  I’m a sweaty mess and we’ve been driving all day.  We just want to eat dinner and go to bed.  

BUT THEN, I remember I forgot to buy traveller’s insurance. WHAT IF THIS FOOD KILLS ME??  

(Exaggerating much?  Maybe.  But I’m practically delirious from hunger and exhaustion at this point and I actually had images of death by korean buffet.)

At least BoyToy is adept at the meat grilling and before I eat each piece, I check with him about three times to make sure it’s okay to eat.  “DOES THIS LOOK OKAY?  DO YOU THINK I WILL DIE?”

After an anxiety filled dinner, we leave reeking of barbecue sauce and kimchi. 

BUT IT’S OKAY.  Because tomorrow is DISNEYLAND! (It’s the happiest place on earth, I’m told)








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