How many walking lunges does it take to be a personal trainer?

Can a room full of personal trainers tell that you haven’t worked out once in the past four days?  More importantly, can they tell that you may have possibly only had a heaping pile of poutine AND nachos (accompanied by what is probably close to an industrial sized vat of booze) for dinner on Saturday night??

These were my primary concerns yesterday afternoon as I was waiting for my group interview for a personal training position to start.

My secondary concern had more to deal with the question, “What the hell am I doing here waiting for a group interview for a personal training position??

This started out as an application for a front desk position at a gym.  How did I end up sitting in a room full of qualified people with muscles when my knowledge of fitness instruction is essentially limited to a Richard Simmons video I had on loop during the Summer of 96?? (In my defense though, Sweatin’ to the Oldies was a GOOD time, AMIRIGHT?!)

In the end though, the interview turned out pretty decently.  The fitness manager was this incredibly friendly, pretty, AND fit girl (in other words, the kind of girl I usually love to hate), with a massive rock on her ring finger.  (I’ll take her life please.)

And then to boot, she called me a “gem” at the end.  How can anybody hate someone that calls them a GEM??  Impossible.  Especially when it’s such a refreshing change from all the other names I’m accustomed to being called (ie. ogre, sloth, cow – wait is there a theme here??)

She went on to say that she thinks I have the personality to make a good trainer, but I would obvs have to get certified and that I have a couple of options in the meantime.

Since I can’t see myself taking the option where I work for something close to nothing making sure the weight room floors are clean and telling big muscle men, “Can you please put your weights down quieter?”, I think I’ll take the internship option where I actually get paid nothing but get to learn the ropes through personal trainer stalking.  (my favourite!)

So I guess now it’s just waiting to see what happens next.  Meanwhile, I think I had better start preparing by getting from one place to the next through ONLY the use of WALKING LUNGES.  oh, and cutting out all booze (HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHHA GOOD ONE MEG).


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