Can you say Quarter Life Crisis much?

Since when did turning 25 mean that Saturday nights out are no longer about getting drunk off your face and running around the city committing acts of semi-scandal?

I was out with Magz this past Saturday for sushi and drinks and instead of talking about what bar or club we were going to hit up after, it turned into REAL TALK.

You know, REAL TALK.


  • – how we hate our jobs slash need a job
  • – how boyfriends are actually not that great but rather more like draining soul crushing relationships (haha nervous laughter, kinda sorta kidding here of course)
  • – how housing prices are outrageously high and home ownership is probably not a thing our generation will ever become too familiar with
  • – aging parents and family members (I can’t even take care of myself, how am i supposed to take care of them!)
  • – marriage and babies (WTF ewwww)

And it’s not just THIS Saturday, it’s been every Saturday out I can remember in the past little while.

There was that time I went “clubbing” with Dee W and it turned into double caesars all night and a “WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES” freakout sesh.

Then there was that night with Nige where he big time Oprah’ed me.  (“You know, travelling is awesome, but eventually, you’ll have to face life and it’s problems.”) Asshole.


I bring this up with BoyToy and his response, “Well, that’s what happens Megs.  We started to get like that around your age too.”

He goes on to share a charming little story in which a stripper yelled at him for having REAL TALK with his friends during her performance.  “PAY ATTENTION TO ME, YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE PAYING ATTENTION TO ME!”

…not sure that was any comfort to me at all…

BoyToy also says things are supposed to get easier as you get older because you won’t feel like there are so many paths to choose between since doors will start closing to you.


WTF!  is that supposed to make me feel BETTER??

Is it too much to ask that we have one Saturday night where we only dance and drink (from classy homemade wine bags) till black out and talk about nothing intellectual?

…Or you know, just be 22 again??  (I have a feeling Taylor Swift might have been onto something there…)


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