Wanna work at the gym and be around beautiful fit people all day? WELL YOU CAN’T

Today found me at a group interview for a front desk position at a popular gym chain in my city, which I have been sickeningly nervous about for the past three days.

What’s this group interview business all about anyways??  How am I supposed to be expected to sell myself over other people who are all also trying to sell themselves at the exact same time?  I’ve never been to one myself but I had heard about others’ experiences with them and how some of the tasks involved could definitely throw you for a loop.  So naturally, I had come expecting to have to build my own elliptical machine with the help of only my bare hands and a few drinking straws.

Well of course, I get to the interview location and I’m surrounded by females.  But ONLY of the young, shiny, blond, and perky variety who are all super fit AND unnervingly articulate.  OF COURSE.  And to top it off, they are even all NICE, which means I can’t even hate them. poo.

In the end, the interview didn’t go terribly but I definitely didn’t outshine anyone and I definitely didn’t feel like I got the job.  (But I DID get a chance to talk about how I was always the fat kid eating cake alone in the corner, so I guess at least there’s that.)

Surprise surprise, about ten minutes after I get back home, I get a phone call from the hiring manager saying that she’s forwarded my name to the fitness manager because they have an internship program for aspiring personal trainers.  She goes on to say that hopefully the fitness manager will be in touch by Monday (we’ll see how that goes) and that she hopes we’ll be able to work together in some capacity somewhere down the road.  (“Sounds a bit scammy”, says W)


So I didn’t get the job.

Am I supposed to feel good about the fact that she felt I was “inspired” and considered me for this program or am I supposed to feel shitty about the fact that I’m in my mid twenties and can’t even land a job at a front desk in a gym?

I think mostly right now, I’m more upset about the fact that my right foot has just fallen asleep and I’m hunched over my dining room table trying to reach for my glass of orange juice, but cannot move.

Oh well, I suppose I can at least say I tried to do something outside of my comfort zone (namely work with beautiful fit people who talk about how much quinoa,flax, and avocados they consume each day).

And also now that that interview is done with, it MUST be about beer o’clock now right?? Image

2 thoughts on “Wanna work at the gym and be around beautiful fit people all day? WELL YOU CAN’T

  1. I’ve never been on a group interview…sounds intimidating, but good job for stepping out of your comfort zone and giving it a shot! Maybe you’ll feel more comfortable with the next interview that comes your way, being that this one was a bit awkward.

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